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The Foundation for MSME Clusters (FMC) specializes in promotion of MSMEs through cluster and value chain led development. FMC was promoted as a Registered Trust with the technical support of a then UNIDO Cluster Development Programme, in June 2005. In India, FMC has worked/working with around 200 MSME clusters, done/got done studies/research in another 150 MSME clusters and worked with 250 Business Membership Organizations (BMOs). FMC and its experts have also provided training, handholding and research on cluster development in 16 other countries across the globe.

FMC has 25 publications on cluster and related areas. FMC published cluster development methodology (CDM) in the year 2005 and have subsequently come up with cluster development methodologies for poverty alleviation, sustainable development and innovation (https://fmc.org.in/publications). FMC and its experts have also conducted over 50 training programmes on CDM for various national organizations including Ministry of Rural Development, KVIC, Coir Board, Governments of West Bengal and Karnataka, NABARD, UNIDO, etc.. FMC is a pioneer private organisation to host a cluster portal www.clusterobservatory.in that is accessed by various institutions in India and various countries across the globe.

FMC has its head office in New Delhi and branch/representative/project offices in Hyderabad (Telangana), Tumkur (Karnataka), Cuttack and Sambalpur (Orissa), Ludhiana (Punjab), Kolkata (West Bengal), Guwahati and Lakhimpur (Assam), Agra (UP), Betul (Madhya Pradesh), Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh) and Dumka (Jharkhand). FMC has qualified professionals having hands-on experience in MSME development with special focus on cluster approach. It has a strong team of 40 employees and consultants with diverse specializations including management, finance, economics, bio-technology, agriculture, sustainable development, engineering, etc. FMC activities are implemented by 4 cells: Policy and Research, Infrastructure and Governance, Marketing and BMO Promotion and, Energy and Environment.


To economically progressive, socially connected, environmentally sustainable world that is spiritually rooted and composed of interconnected yet diverse local socio-economic systems


Assist institutions undertake effective and inclusive cluster based local area development in developing and transition economies.

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About Logo

The 3 blocks of the logo promotes us towards addressing Social, Economic, Environmental aspects of MSMEs, glued together for promoting a spiritually rooted world.